Our Story

Ready for growth, right out of the box.

Sandbox Royalties was founded in 2022 by two industry leaders—Sandstorm Gold Royalties and Equinox Gold with the vision to build a leading diversified metals royalty company that creates value for all stakeholders, supports industrial growth and promotes sustainability.

Building on their strong relationship, Sandstorm saw the opportunity to partner with Equinox and merge two packages of high-quality royalties into a new growth company that focuses on acquiring and managing royalties on financially-viable mining operations and projects, across a diverse range of commodities, located in mining-friendly jurisdictions and managed by strong operators. As a result, Sandbox Royalties occupies a new space in the royalty industry, with no other royalty company providing the same diversification and high-growth trajectory. The relationship between Sandbox, Sandstorm and Equinox forms a strong foundation for the ability to work together on future acquisitions and accretive growth opportunities.

Investment Principles

Our diverse portfolio can be categorized in three categories: metals that advance industries, materials that support sustainable and green infrastructure, and investment assets that drive prosperity. These themes along with our values form the foundation of our core investment principles.


We help fund and advance mining projects that contribute to the economic and social progress of global economies.


The green energy transition is fundamental to humanity’s future. We invest in operations producing the minerals needed for this energy transition.


We invest in projects that create a prosperous future for our stakeholders and the communities impacted by mining operations.

Our Values

Integrity and trust are the foundation of every relationship we build and maintain

Flexibility and agility for our people, partners and stakeholders

Respect for our people, stakeholders, community and environment

Shared success among our people, partners and capital providers

Sandbox Royalties has attracted truly world-class talent from the mining, financial, and geopolitical industries.

Meet the Team

How mining royalties work

Mining is a capital-intensive industry with a lot of investment risk. As such, mining companies often struggle to raise the funds required to bring their operation into production. A mining royalty is a contract that grants the mining company a lump sum of money, that helps progress their project’s development. In return for the investment, the royalty owner receives the right to a percentage of revenue from the mine, often for the life of the mine. It’s a win-win situation for the operator and the royalty company.

As an investment, royalty companies offer a more diversified portfolio of mining projects, which can help mitigate operational risks associated with a single mining investment—if one mine were to stop producing, a royalty portfolio can still produce cash flow from other mines.

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